What do we do? 
We train, re-train and upgrade qualified applicants and industrial welders to American Welding Society, American National Standards Institute, procedures, qualifications and standards. 

Why? JOBS!!! 
Just in Oregon there is over SIX BILLION DOLLARS IN WORK! 

Oregon Department of Transportation is currently at the start of a decade long bridge and roadway improvement project. Many manufacturing welders have jumped from ten to twelve dollar hourly jobs to the $40+ hourly bridge jobs. 

Click Here For OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program Overview 

How does one qualify for these jobs? 
Mechanical ability, properly designed training program combined with a good work ethic and a clean UA. 

Is there work out there for graduates of Albany Weld Trade School? 
The majority of our grads are working within a month. Ask to see the $2044.00 weekly paycheck! 



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