Curriculum  Costs



  1. An enrollment fee- $150.00

  2. Drug screening fee- $45.00

  3. The supplies and equipment fee which is required on or before the first class- $650.00

  4. The tuition for the course- $7650.00


The enrollment fee of $150, drug screening fee of $45, supplies and equipment fee of $650 and tuition fee of $3825.00 is required by the first day of class. The remaining $3825.00 is due upon satisfactory completion of the basic series, and prior to the beginning of the advance series of classes. Our school runs a limited number of qualified students per year and as such does not burden the students with the additional $2000 plus for costs associated with arranging, monitoring and collecting Student Aid Loans. Part of the entry process is being self confident and versatile enough to arrange your own class financing.


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